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With it getting harder and harder to get a dedicated 10 man Raiding group in our Guild, the Officers of AMS have decided to merge with 2 other Guild to get into a DEDICATED raiding group established.  We are merging with Council of War and The Fallen Assassins.  Our new Guild name will be:

C.O.M.A.  (Council of Mental Assassins)  

Anyone from AMS will be allowed to join the new Guild even if you are not a Raider and just want to keep hanging out with your friends.  We are going to try to get 2 -3  Raid groups going eventually with different days and times  for each.  If you do not want to Join, AMS will still be running but we will not be scheduling any Raids or any other content and Vent will be turned off.  We would like as many members to Join the new Guild as we love playing with everyone and would like to keep playing.  We will be doing old content raids also when time permits.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Bellasharis, Whoadidhe or anyone in Council of War (until the name change)

We want the new Guild to be just as much fun as AMS with alot more people.



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